Zebra DS3678-SR

The DS3678-SR Plus is Unstopp able per formance for standard range 1D/2D barc ode capture

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Zebra DS2208

The DS2208 is Affordability and simplicity delivered.

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Zebra DS4608

The DS4608 is a The versatile scanner that does more for your retail operations

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Zebra LI4278

The LI4278 is perfect general purpose cordless linear imager.

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Zebra DS9308

The DS9308 is a Fit-Anywhere Form Factor Coupled With Stylish Aesthetics

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Zebra DS9908

The Ds9908 is Improve Workflow Efficiency, Productivity and Accuracy

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Zebra DS8108

The DS8108 is Ultimate in Performance, Innovation and Manageabilityy

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Zebra DS4608 HC

The DS8108 is the versatility and scanning performance needed to keep checkout lanes, manufacturing lines and hospitals running smoothly.

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Zebra ZD621

Rely on Zebra’s ZD621 desktop printers, advancing the proven and popular GX Series printers.

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Zebra ZD510-HC

The ZD510-HC comes standard with Ethernet, USB, USB Host, and Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Zebra ZT421

ZT421 can print and encode labels as small as 0.6 in./16 mm.

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Zebra ZT610

ZT610 rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform.

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Zebra TC70

The TC70 Series, you can leverage the power of Android, while choosing the configuration that best fits your technology and business needs

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Zebra TC50

The TC50 Series builds on the best-selling TC52 and TC57 rugged handheld mobile computers

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Zebra TC52

The TC52 Touch Computers build on the highly successful TC51/TC56, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing.

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Zebra TC26

The HR1250 Plus is optimized for fast scanning of barcodes printed on paper or displayed on screen.

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Zebra ZT411 RFID

The ZT411 printer using genuine Zebra supplies.Results may vary in actual application settings or when using other-than-recommended Zebra supplies.

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Zebra ZT231 RFID

The ZT231 delivers the winning combination of the right features at the right price, along with the long-lasting quality you expect from Zebra.

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Zebra ZT620 RFID

The ZT620 combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform.

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Zebra ZT621 RFID

The ZT621 combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the key benefits of Zebra barcode scanners?

Zebra barcode scanners offer numerous benefits, including high-performance scanning accuracy, fast data capture, and durable designs. They enable efficient inventory management, improved productivity, and enhanced customer service. With features like omnidirectional scanning and robust connectivity options, Zebra scanners empower businesses to streamline operations and achieve greater efficiency.

Are Zebra barcode scanners compatible with different types of barcodes?

Yes, Zebra barcode scanners are designed to be compatible with various barcode types, including 1D barcodes (such as UPC and EAN) and 2D barcodes (such as QR codes and Data Matrix). Whether you need to scan product barcodes, shipping labels, or mobile coupons, Zebra scanners can handle a wide range of barcode formats to meet your specific requirements.

Are Zebra barcode scanners suitable for rugged environments?

Absolutely. Zebra offers a range of rugged barcode scanners that are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and outdoor settings. These scanners are built to be drop-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions. They are engineered to withstand accidental drops, vibrations, and exposure to extreme temperatures.

Can Allmark, the official reseller of Zebra barcode scanners in Chennai?

Yes, Allmark, as the official reseller of Zebra barcode scanners in Chennai, is committed to providing comprehensive support to its customers. Our knowledgeable team of experts understands the diverse requirements of businesses across different industries. We can assist you in selecting the most suitable Zebra barcode scanner based on your specific needs, such as scanning volume, barcode types, environment, and integration requirements. Whether you need a handheld scanner, fixed mount scanner, or RFID devies, we will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the right solution to optimize your business operations.

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